Where to find swinger clubs on Washington DC?

Social media, technology and porn have a way of shifting people’s views. If not, they can at least provide them with ideas about things they never knew about. Case in point is the recent increase in the swinger community. More people are engaging in swinging than ever before. Granted people are far more liberal in their views today. Still, one has to consider how much of a role pornography and other things are playing in the spike.

A way to look at it is according to how many views certain porn videos receive. Or how many people visit a particular porn category in adult sites. Swinger porn has been receiving more views and hits than in the past. Folks interested or curious about what takes place in swinger parties are likely the ones to check them out. Perhaps this is partly why many in Washington, DC, are looking for swinger clubs in the area as well. Unlike traditional clubs, these are a bit more difficult to find or be aware of. Still, the list below can help you see some of the most popular or top in the DC area.

Tabu Social Club: Mature adults over the age of 21 will enjoy this award winning swingers club. Although the club is located in Catonsville, MD, it is only 35 minutes away from Washington. There is a no pressure atmosphere so you are not obligated to join in on sexual activities taking place. Best of all, members from all over the US come down to Tabu.

Washington Plaza Hotel: While not necessarily a swinger’s club, it is a place to meet them. The hotel holds private swinger events all the time. You can find several of them online easily. The sexual activity at these private parties often end up being shown on group sex videos online.

Risque: Some call this the longest running swinging club in Washington, DC. Additionally, the parties are very discreet since events are kept secret. Hours before they are about to take place, people are notified. They do have a vetting process in place for new members to keep everyone safe.

The Crucible: Besides being a swinger club, this spot is also a BDSM dungeon. There are common areas as well as private rooms. To attend any of the events, you must be a member. If you are looking to get tortured or have wild sex, then visiting the Crucible may be for you.

The Metro Underground: Some may confuse this as a public transportation terminal. However, it is a club for swingers and other activities. The environment is one that lets you have fun and be safe at the same time. Both common areas and private rooms can be obtained. This is geared towards the younger crowd.

Entre Nous: Alternative lifestyle couples looking to explore their sexuality should enjoy this place. Single women are also welcome and can feel free to express and explore their sexuality. Unlike other swinger clubs, there is no sexual activities allowed on the premises. Instead, you can dance, flirt, meet new people and find out about actual swinger events in the area.