Places to visit when in Washington

Are you planning a visit to Washington DC and you are thinking about the places to visit when you get to the city? Or perhaps, you are already in Washington DC and you want to see some great sites in the city before leaving. Here are some of the top rated sites in Washington DC you can visit. Each of these sites promises to be time and effort well spent, as there will be enough to see and learn about Washington DC in the sites.

Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill is reputed to be the United States’ symbol all over the world. The huge dome is unique, compared to every other building in Washington DC. It was erected during the early 1800s, with some additions added during the early 1960s, when the major façade that serves as the room where presidential oaths are taken was enlarged. You will get to see some interesting exhibition about the history of the building. You can book online for free tours of the building as well, which are conducted on weekdays in the afternoon. The building has so much to see including ornate paintings on the ceilings and walls of the Senate wing’s corridor.

The White House

The White House serves as the official residence for the United States’ President. The building which was first built in 1792 by James Hoban has since served as the resident of every United States President except George Washington. The White House was rebuilt in 1818 after the British forces burnt it down in 1814. Reservations will have to be made very early if you intend to see the Red, Green, Blue and East rooms as well as the State Dining Room and Ballroom. However, you can easily get a glimpse of the building from outside. There is also a Visitor Center for the White House, located not too far from the main building that can be accessed free of charge. You will be able to see videos and get insights about the history of the White House and the Presidents that have lived in it.

The Lincoln Memorial

This memorial is reputed to be the most loved of all the memorials in Washington. It is the memorial of President Abraham Lincoln, in the form of his statue. The memorial was completed in 1922 and has since become a top tourist attraction in Washington DC.

The Washington Monument

The white shaft of this monument has a height of 555 foot. It has a pool at its foot that beautifully reflects the monument. The building which was approved in 1783 had a number of set back before it was finally completed 102 years later by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The National Air and Space Museum

The museum is reputed to be among the most popular museums in the world. It has a number of spacecraft and aircraft that made history such as the original 1903 flyer made by the Wright Brothers, and Spirit of St Louis, built by Charles Lindbergh that made history as the first place to carry out a solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

Other places you could visit in Washington DC include the National Zoological Park, National Mall and Veterans Memorials, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, Washington National Cathedral, Newseum, Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin, Georgetown Historic District and International Spy Museum among others.



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