Where to buy property in DC

Buying a house is often regarded as a major milestone in the life of an individual. You can now boast of having a place of your own where you can stay on your own terms, once you are not flouting any rule by the Government. As opposed to paying rent to continue to occupy a property, you will now have your own property, whose worth will start to increase from the day you purchased it. This is considering that the real estate sector in the United States is one of the sectors, whose worth continues to increase over the years. If you are looking for a place to buy a property in Washington DC, the following places are recommended.

Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge is located in Northern Virginia. The area is very safe, if not for recent cases of vandalism that is the biggest concern of people in the area. The law enforcement agencies in the area are very active and have been able to reduce crime to the barest minimum. The population of Stone Ridge is estimated at 9,578. Generally, the housing in the area is graded as A, public schools are graded as A+ and the overall grade is put at A+, making it a great place to buy a property in DC.

Loudon Valley Estates

Loudon Valley Estates is located in Virginia as well. The area is also very safe and comfortable with a population of 5,659. Generally, housing in the area has an A grade, public schools are graded A+ and the overall grade for the area is A+.


Hawthorn is a nice part of Washington DC you might want to buy a property as well. The environment is serene and quiet, with a population of 1,654. Generally, Housing is graded A, publish schools – A and the overall grade, A+.


The Broadlands is a great place to grow up. Buying a property in this place, will thus, be conducive for your kids. The population of the area is estimated at 13,436. Housing is graded as A, Public Schools A+ as well as A+ for the overall grade of the area.


This area in Virginia has developed over the years from a rural quiet suburban area to a nice town. The area currently has a population of about 6,360 people. Public schools in the area is graded as A+ as well as the overall grade of the area, even though it has a housing grade of A-, which is still an A, anyway.


Floris is also located in Virginia and very close to Columbia district. The area features several government contractors, with everyone been profitably kept busy. The area has a population of about 8,357. Housing is graded as A-, Public school is graded as A, while the overall grade of the area is A+.

Other places in DC that you can buy a property and will be worth it include Countryside, Somerset, Lowes Island, Foxhall Crescents, Chevy Chase town, Newington Forest, Barnaby Woods, Haymarket and Franklin Farm among others. All of these places have an overall grade of A+, are very safe, and great for you and your family to stay in.



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